OSPF Configuration 15 Hours

Configure OSPF as follows; do not create any nonspecified OSPF areas:

■ Configure the OSPF backbone over the Frame Relay network between Routers R2, R4, and R7.

■ The ISDN link between R1 and R4 resides in the area

Basic ISDN Configuration (0.5 Hour) 649

■ The Ethernet segment between R1 and R2 resides in area 1.

■ The Ethernet segment on R4 resides in area

■ Make sure all OSPF routes are redistributed and reachable in the IS-IS, RIP, and EIGRP domains.

■ Ensure that the OSPF backbone in the Frame Relay cloud is authenticated.

■ Ensure that R1 is never the designated router (DR) on all segments.

■ Make sure R4 is the DR in the OSPF backbone network.

■ Ensure that the router ID of all OSPF-enabled routers is the loopback address.

■ Do not create any additional areas.

■ Set the hello interval between links R1 and R4 to 25 seconds.

■ Set the hello interval on the R2 Ethernet segment to 20 seconds.

■ Ensure that all loopbacks appear as /24-bit networks on all IP routing tables. Do not use the redistribute connected command on any router to accomplish this.

■ Make sure area is configured so that excessive CPU resources are not consumed on Router R4. You can assume that no other areas or routers are attached to this segment.

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