IP Access List 01 Hour

You decided to secure Routers R1 and R2 such that only hosts from your address space are allowed to Telnet to it.

In addition to securing these routers, you also need to make sure that the only source IP addresses that can be trusted are the predefined loopbacks on Routers R1 through R9. You must identify the denied attempts to Telnet to R1 or R2 to the local buffer log.

The security architect has decided to make the allowed hosts, when Telnetting to R1 or R2, be authenticated by the router locally. The username will be Admin and the password will be 8eaChe.

Additionally, you must ensure that RFC 1918 is adhered to on the serial links to ISP1 and ISP2. Configure the most appropriate access list to ensure that RFC 1918 is adhered to.

Ensure that your access list contains comments so that other engineers can see why you have installed specific configuration lines.

NOTE At the request of the CCIE department, solutions to this sample lab are not provided in this book. Consider this lab a source for understanding the type of testing you can expect on a CCIE lab exam. The material in this appendix is in no way intended to represent the exact material you will see on the actual lab examination.

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