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1. What IOS command will display the System Flash?

Answer: a. show flash

2. The network administrator has forgotten the enable password, and all passwords are encrypted. What should the network administrator do to recover the password without losing the current configuration?

Answer: c. Reboot the router, press the Break key after the reload, and enter ROM mode and change the configuration register.

3. What is the enable password for the following router?

enable password Simon Answer: b. Simon.

4. If the configuration register is set to 0x2101, where is the IOS image booted from? Answer: d. ROM

5. What IOS command will copy the running configuration to a TFTP server? Answer: c. copy running-config tftp

6. What debug command allows an administrator to debug only packets from the network

Answer: d. debug ip packet 1

access-list 1 permit

7. After entering debug ip packet, no messages appear on your Telnet session. What is the likely cause?

Answer: c. The terminal monitor command is required.

8. To change the configuration register to 0x2141, what is the correct IOS command? Answer: e. config-register 0x2141

9. Where is the startup configuration stored on a Cisco router? Answer: b. NVRAM

Answer: a. The enable secret command overrides the enable password command.

11. A Cisco router has the following configuration:

line vty 0 4 login

What will happen when you telnet to the router?

Answer: c. You will not be able to access the router without the password set.

12. A Cisco router has the following configuration:

line vty 0 4 no login password cIscO

When a Telnet user tries to establish a remote Telnet session to this router, what will happen? Answer: b. The Telnet user will enter EXEC mode immediately.

13. A Cisco router has the following configuration:

line vty 0 1 no login password cisco line vty 2 4 login password ciSco

When a third Telnet session is established to a remote router with the preceding configuration, what will happen?

Answer: b. You will be prompted for the login password, which is set to ciSco.

14. Which of the following access lists will deny any IP packets sourced from network and destined for network and permit all other IP-based traffic?

Answer: d.

access-list 100 deny ip access-list 100 permit ip any any

15. Which of the following secure protocols are available to manage Cisco IOS software? (Choose the best three answers.)

Answers: b. SSH


e. IPSec-ESP

16. What types of attacks can intruders use to enable them to attack VLANs on a Layer 2 switched network?

Answer: f. All of these

17. What information is stored in the CAM table? Answer: d. MAC information mapped to port interfaces

18. How can the CAM table be exploited by intruders?

Answer: b. CAM tables can be used to forward all packets to certain interfaces by flooding the switch with the MAC address's source by one or more interfaces.

19. What is VLAN hopping?

Answer: a. Using a trunk port to access all VLANs, thus bypassing an access control device

20. How is a DHCP starvation attack achieved?

Answer: b. Broadcasting DHCP requests with spoofed MAC addresses

21. When preparing a security policy, what are the three core requirements? Answers: b. Create acceptable-usage policy statements.

c. Conduct a risk analysis.

d. Establish a security team structure.

22. An administrator notices a router's CPU utilization has jumped from 2 percent to 100 percent, and that a CCIE engineer was debugging. What IOS command can the network administrator enter to stop all debugging output to the console and vty lines without affecting users on the connected router?

Answer: b. undebug all

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