DLSw Configuration 05 Hour

■ VLANs 2, 5, and 6 should have DLSw configured to allow SNA devices to communicate between each other.

■ Do not enable DLSw on R9, but allow any future segments connected to R9 reachability to VLAN 2 only.

■ SNA/NetBIOS hosts reside on VLANs 2 and 5.

■ Hosts on VLAN 2 are used only when VLAN 5 is not reachable.

■ Make sure all routers peer to R1 and that only in a network failure will DLSw+ circuits terminate on R2 or R5.

■ DLSw+ peers should be active only when user-based traffic (SNA/NetBIOS) is sent or received.

■ If IP connectivity exists, ensure that DLSw+ remains established.

■ Use a different virtual ring group on each router.

■ Configure a filter that blocks NetBIOS packets with destination name SimonisaCCIE from leaving R5. Permit all other NetBIOS traffic starting with the name Simonis?***.

■ Ensure that remote DLSw+ peers do not send too many queries for the destination MAC address 0200.0200.0200 on VLAN 6 or VLAN 2.

■ Be sure the only SAPs enabled on R3 are null SAPs and SAP 08.

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