You should be able to complete the sample CCIE Routing and Switching lab in this appendix within 8 hours (this is the same allotted time for the real CCIE lab at Cisco). The difficulty level presented here is similar to what you can expect in any CCIE lab examination; in fact, the difficulty level here might be higher. Focus your attention on time management and the ability to configure a set number of Cisco IOS features very quickly. If you complete this lab successfully, try it again by modifying the questions and changing the IP routing algorithm. Together with Chapter 8, "CCIE Security Self-Study Lab," and Appendix C, "Sample CCIE Routing and Switching Lab I," you should now have a better understanding of the tasks you may be asked to undertake in a lab exam. Hopefully, Chapter 8, Appendix C, and this appendix will help you gauge your level of readiness. Because the real labs cost U.S.$1250 per attempt, these practice labs can be a valuable tool. Good luck and please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions, frustrations, or success stories.

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