Cisco Works VMS

CiscoWorks VPN/Security Management Solution (VMS) is core management software that provides a centralized means of defining and distributing security policies, providing patches and software updates, and ensuring communication with all agents. A Cisco Security Agent is defined as an endpoint software device that resides on servers or desktops/laptops and autonomously enforces local policies that prevent attacks.

CiscoWorks VMS is an integral part of the SAFE Blueprint. The following are some of the devices it maintains:

Virtual private networks (VPNs)

■ Monitoring

CiscoWorks VMS addresses the needs of both small- and large-scale VPN and security deployments, and enables organizations to protect productivity gains and reduce operating costs.

CiscoWorks VMS provides the following tools for management of IDS appliances:

Firewall management

CiscoWorks Auto Update Server

Network IDS management

Host IPS management

VPN router management

Security monitoring

VPN monitoring

Operational management

NOTE The written exam does not currently test the candidate's knowledge of this product. For more details on VMS, go to and products/sw/cscowork/ps2330/products_data_sheet09186a0080092536.html.

The Agent Manager is an integral part of the CiscoWorks VMS. The CiscoWorks Management Center for Cisco Security Agents is a featured component within the VMS.

There are some excellent articles on the Management Center for Cisco Security Agents at http://

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