CCIE Security Self Study Lab Part II Goals

Part II builds on the working IP network and requires security features such as IPSec and PIX. RIP routing is also required. You will also notice the addition of an IDS sensor. Expect to be tested on IDS sensors and the VPN Concentrator in the lab exam. You are likely to be asked to configure both devices. Part II of this lab does not include the VPN Concentrator, however. Review the additional advanced topics questions for possible exam scenarios for the VPN Concentrator. You should take no longer than 4 hours to complete Part II.

For more sample labs and detailed security lab study, consider the following Cisco Press publications (

■ CCIE Security Practice Labs (ISBN: 1-58705-134-6)

■ CCIE Practical Studies: Security (ISBN: 1-58705-110-9)

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