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NOTE Although the focus of this book is to prepare you for the CCIE Security written exam only, you can find bonus material, such as this section, that helps start your preparation for the lab exam.

Passing the written exam is the easier part of the CCIE Security certification journey. For the lab exam, your life needs to change dramatically, and you need to study on routers full time for at least 3 to 6 months. The good news is that the format of the lab exam has changed from 2 full days to 1 day. You are no longer required to troubleshoot a network (regarded as the true method to test a

CCIE's ability to restore a network back to full IP connectivity); you are now required to configure more advanced features in a set number of Cisco IOS, PIX, and Catalyst devices. For example, basic Frame Relay, VLAN, VTP, and ATM configurations are now preconfigured for the candidate. This allows the examiners to test more advanced security features rather than basic routing and switching configurations. This also differentiates from the content of the routing and switching lab.

For details on what is configured or preconfigured, visit le3/ccie/security/lab_exam_blueprint.html.

Upon entering the lab room, you will already have preconfigured router and switch host names and IP addressing, and the enable password and login commands will be set on all devices to cisco.

After you pass the written exam, you are eligible to sit for the lab exam. You can book your lab exam online as mentioned previously.

The lab exam contains the following devices:

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