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This appendix describes some study tips and options for you to consider while preparing for the CCIE Security written and lab examinations.

CCIE is regarded as the most sought-after certification in the industry today; more and more vendors are devising their own certification programs and trying to catch up to the industry-leading Cisco Systems. Working in the CCIE program for the past two years, I have seen many changes and challenges facing potential CCIEs every day. At the end of 2004, there were over 11,000 CCIEs, and the number is growing rapidly. Of all the CCIEs, over 500 hold more than one CCIE certification. The majority of CCIEs are located in Europe and North America. The number of Security CCIEs is over 400. To view the latest CCIE security numbers, visit http://

Before you decide to take this step, you need to be aware of the challenges in front of you. You cannot hope to become a CCIE by simply buying a book or a series of books. Hands-on experience is required, and at least two years of internetworking experience is critical; even then, you must fully prepare for the difficult exams. The current five varieties of CCIE certification follow:

■ CCIE Routing and Switching (released 1993)

■ CCIE Security (released 2001)

■ CCIE Service Provider (released 2001; also renamed several times)

■ CCIE Storage Networking (released 2004)

■ CCIE Voice (released 2004)

A new CCIE Design lab is in the pipeline and will be a more innovative approach to testing by Cisco in the future.

This discussion concentrates on the CCIE Security certification. The CCIE Security exam is one that you should consider tackling, especially in today's climate of Internet firewall frailty and demand for security experts.

NOTE For more information on the Security track, see the following:

Four CCIE tracks have been retired: ISP Dial, SNA, Design (will be re-released in a new format), and WAN Switching.

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