Catalyst Ethernet Switch Setup II 9 Points

Configure the following spanning-tree parameters on the Catalyst 3550:

■ Ensure that the switch never becomes the root bridge on VLAN_A.

■ Configure the switch to be a VTP client once all VLANs have been created.

■ Set the maximum spanning-tree age on VLAN_B to 15 seconds, the forward delay to 10 seconds, and the hello interval to 3 seconds for this instance of spanning tree only. Do not modify any other VLANs on the 3550.

■ Ensure that the switch will be elected the root bridge for VLAN 1. Set all ports that are active with a broadcast control limit of 55 percent.

■ In the future, IP phones will be connected to ports 15 and 16. Ensure that QoS is configured correctly so that RTP signal and data will be marked with CoS values 3 and 5; any devices attached to the phone must be marked with a CoS value of 1.

■ Warn all Telnet clients that any "unauthorized access is not permitted" by displaying a warning message when any Telnet session is activated to the SC0 interface only.

■ If any ports become disabled because of hardware errors, ensure that the switch automatically enables the affected ports after 10 minutes.

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