Catalyst Ethernet Switch Setup II 025 Hour

Configure the following spanning-tree parameters on the Catalyst 6509:

■ Ensure that the switch never becomes the root bridge on VLAN_D.

■ Ensure that the switch has the best possible chance of becoming the root bridge in VLAN_E.

■ Set all the Ethernet ports to forward data immediately after a device is plugged in or activated.

■ Set the hello time on VLAN_B to 10 seconds.

■ Set the max age on VLAN_F to 10 seconds. Configure the following miscellaneous parameters:

■ Disable Cisco Discovery Protocol on ports 3/1-8.

■ Ensure that any IP phones installed or connected to Card 3 are supplied inline power.

■ Ensure that the switches get a clock source from R1 using NTP.

■ Make sure the only MAC address permitted to access the switch on port 3/23 is the MAC address 2010-2010-2010 or 4000-0000-4000.

■ Disable power redundancy on the switch.

■ Warn all Telnet clients that any "unauthorized access is not permitted" by displaying a warning message when any Telnet session is activated to the SCO interface only.

■ If any ports become disabled because of hardware errors, ensure that the switch automatically enables the affected ports after 10 minutes.

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