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Presented here are some advanced CCIE Security questions with no lab solutions so that you may investigate and try to solve them on your own, just as you would have to do in the lab exam. These bonus CCIE Security lab topics are added because they are not covered in the main section of this chapter. Hopefully they will provide you with some example questions and help you discover your own exam techniques to help you achieve maximum success in the CCIE Security lab.

In every CCIE lab exam that I have attempted, and I have been through many of them, I have found that a candidate must be capable of addressing topics they have not configured or studied prior to the lab; in essence, you must be prepared to use the Documentation CD-ROM to help you past the topics you are not comfortable with. So in keeping with the high level of difficulty of any CCIE exam, here are some bonus advanced questions with an indicative point score you could expect in any CCIE lab exam. (These points do not count toward the main lab already presented.) Research them and try to implement solutions. Ensure that you read the question carefully, because they have some hidden traps representative of most CCIE lab exams. Enjoy them!

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