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First I would like to thank the folks at Cisco Press for helping me and introducing me to this challenging project.

Without Brett Bartow this book would never have been started. Thank you Brett for liaising with the CCIE team on my behalf and believing that I could complete this book.

Andrew Cupp, who was expecting his first baby at the time of completion, I really appreciate your expert advice and guidance. Without you both this book would only be a dream. Michelle, I will never forget you. Also I want to mention Sheila Schroeder, Chris Cleveland, John Kane, and Bill McManus for being part of the best virtual team I have ever had the pleasure to be part of.

I would like to especially thank Gert De Laet for his valuable input and direction of this guide. Gert was a contributing author to Chapter 8, "CCIE Security Self-Study Lab." Thank you, my dear friend.

I must also mention the enormous effort of the technical reviewers, especially Randy for your eye for the smallest and most technical aspects of every word I write, Steve for sharing with me and the readers real-life scenarios, and of course Yusuf who made sure I did not break any rules. I look forward to reviewing your next books with great anticipation.

I would also like to thank my family, including two beautiful sons, Simon (the Xbox and PC guru) and Daniel, and my wife Sharon, who was expecting during the writing of this guide. I was always grateful for my family's understanding when I needed time to complete this project. I treasure my time with my family and my growing boys who make me proud to be their Dad. Simon I love you to the sun and keep going around forever. Daniel I cannot wait to hold you in my arms each day that goes by. I also thank my Dad and Mum (1948-2001) for bringing me up with such great examples. Massimo Piccinini, my physicist friend in the most beautiful City of the World, Roma, thank you for friendship and love over the past 5 years; thank you for sharing your life with me even though we live so far apart, thank you for your Italian translation and many more beautiful things you do for me and my family. It was an inspiration to know you. I would also like to mention these wonderful friends who support me from far with much love: Vescovo Claudio (Vescovo Ordinato da Dio Vescovo dell'Eucaristia), my favorite priest in all the world, I will never forget the warm embrace you gave me, who also helped me realize what is important in life, Saint Marisa Rossi (thank you for your prayers), Massimo (yes twice), Giorgio, Antonella, Domenico, Federica, Fabrizio, Giulia, Alessandro, Paola, Fabio, Riccardo, Alessandra, Elisa, Selenia, Angelo, Mariasole, Giacomo, Laura, Jacopo, Samuele, Yari, Laura, Emanuele, and Sara.

I would like to specially mention Claudine Campbell for ensuring my musical hardware arrived also on time and saved me loads of money. Thank you cousin.

I want to thank my wonderful aunties who gave me wonderful encouragement over all the years they have known me; thank you Oto, Lyda, and Alice.

May God bless us all.

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