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CCIE is widely considered the industry's highest-level IT certification program, commonly referred to as the doctorate of networking. It equips candidates with excellent internetworking skills that are simply the best in the industry.

CCIE certification was recently voted #1 by IT professionals in the CertCities.com annual survey, The Hottest Certifications for 2003a ranking attributed to the growing importance of certifications in a tight job market.

Furthermore, it also grabbed the title of Most Respected High-Level Certification in the CertCities.com Reader's Choice Awards earlier this year.

The CCIE program is designed to help individuals, companies, industries, and countries succeed in the networked world by distinguishing the top echelon of internetworking experts.

The program identifies leaders with a proven commitment to their career, the industry, and the process of ongoing learning. While individuals inevitably gain extensive product knowledge on their way to certification, product training is not the CCIE program objective. Rather, the focus is on identifying those experts capable of understanding and navigating the subtleties, intricacies, and potential pitfalls inherent in end-to-end networking regardless of technology or product brand.

True to its mission, the CCIE program evolves in step with the industry, focusing on current technologies and real-world applications to consistently identify candidates with the highest level of relevant internetworking expertise.

Currently, the CCIE certification has four tracks:


This book concentrates on CCIE Security Lab exam.

For more information on each individual track, refer to the following URL:

www.cisco.com/go/ccie [ LiB ]

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