Intrusion Detection System IDS 621 Basic IDS Configuration

Configure basic IDS on R4 using the ip audit command set. Use the first example that follows to configure IDS, and use the second example for logs generated when you detect an attack/signature.


Note that communication between IDS and Director is on UDP port 45000.

ip audit name lab1 info action alarm ip audit name lab1 attack action alarm !

interface FastEthernet2/0 ip address ip audit lab1 in ip audit lab1 out duplex half

6d23h: %IDS-4-ICMP_FRAGMENT_SIG: Sig:2150:Fragmented ICMP Traffic - from to

6.2.2 Signature Tuning

If you receive false positive alarms from the IDS on R4, you need to disable signature 3050 for host on R4. The following example demonstrates tuning IDS signatures on R4:

ip audit signature 3050 list 5

access-list 5 deny access-list 5 permit any

6.2.3 Spam Attack 1.

Configure R4 protection against SMTP mail spamming using the following command:

ip audit smtp spam 500

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