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Study Material For Cisco Ccna Ccnp And Ccie Students

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Do not configure any static/default routes unless otherwise specified/required. Use DLCIs provided in the diagram.

Use the IP addressing scheme provided in the diagram; do not change any IP addressing unless otherwise specified. In the CCIE Lab, initial configurations are loaded, and therefore IP addresses are not to be changed. In this book, each chapter has a separate lab topology with different IP addressing, so each chapter needs to be recabled and all IP addresses need to be redone from the previous chapter.


The real CCIE Lab exams are hands-on structures similar to this book. Each configuration exercise has preassigned point values. The candidate must obtain a minimum mark of 80% to pass. This book provides you with a similar structure to give you a better understanding and experience. For more information on CCIE exam structure, see the following URL:

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