Equipment List

To perform the practice labs in this book, you need the following devices:

8 routersThe routers can be of any modelthat is, 2500, 2600 or 3600 series. But prefer modular routers so you can swap modules and adapt to different lab topologies.

You need the following interfaces/cables for different lab topologies. For more details, refer to the Equipment list in each chapter. o

Ethernet/Fast Ethernet module/ports o

Serial module/ports o

ISDN BRI S/T module/ports o

ATM module/ports o

Straight-through cables o

Cross-over cables o

DTE-DCE back-to-back cable for serial ports o

ATM fiber cable (depending on the modules/GBIC) NOTE

Most labs in this book require you to configure ATM. If you don't have an ATM module, use a back-to-back serial connection instead.

2 Catalyst 3550 switches 1 PIX Firewall (any model)

1 Cisco Intrusion Detection System (IDS) 42xx appliance

1 VPN-3000 concentrator

Windows 2000 Server with CiscoSecure ACS 3.x and Microsoft CA server installed o

Test PC with Cisco VPN Client 3.x software

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