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Every candidate working toward the CCIE exam has one goal: Passing the CCIE lab exam and getting a CCIE number. The answer to get there is simple: practice, practice, practice. As someone said, "Practice makes perfect," but the problem is, practice what? Where can you get practice labs and scenarios? Most people are confident in technologies as standalone. For example, someone could be expert in firewalls but wouldn't know what can go wrong if BGP runs through the firewall. The CCIE exam is spread on wide syllabi and includes a range of technologiesall integrated, making a complex setup. The challenge is to work toward building this complex network from "scratch to perfection" in 8 hours. Keeping this challenge in mind, this book was written to assist candidates by providing close to real CCIE Lab exam scenarios with a high level of complexity and integrating all technologies possibly tested.

The lab is marked out of 100. You must complete the lab within 8 hours and obtain a minimum of 80 marks to pass. As with all labs, this test has been written such that you should be able to complete all questions, including initial configuration (that is, IP addressing), within 8 hours, excluding cabling time. Allow up to 1 hour for cabling, using the provided instructions and observing the general guidelines. You can use any combination of routers as long as you fulfill the needs of the topology diagram in Figure 4-1. It is not compulsory to use routers of the same model.

Figure 4-1. Lab Topology

Figure 4-1. Lab Topology


The real CCIE Lab does not require you to do any cabling or IP addressing.

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