Access Control

In this case, you can configure autocommand for a user to Telnet to the router. autocommand will execute the required command and exit the session. This way the user will not be able to keep its Telnet session:

username testconfig privilege 15 password 7 15060E1F1029242A2E3A32 username testconfig autocommand show run !

line vty 0 4 privilege level 15 password 7 110A1016141D login local

Test by Telnetting from R1 to


User Access Verification

Username: testconfig Password: testconfig Building configuration... Current configuration : 7022 bytes !

! Last configuration change at 23:46:49 AEDT Sun Jan 19 2003

! NVRAM config last updated at 00:15:25 AEDT Mon Jan 20 2003 !

version 12.1

no service single-slot-reload-enable service timestamps debug uptime service timestamps log uptime service password-encryption !

hostname r3 !

snipped !

[Connection to closed by foreign host] r1#

As you can see, as soon as the show run command output finished, the session was closed.

Configure R5 Telnet access to permit host only:

access-list 3 permit

line vty 0 4 access-class 3 in password 7 13061E010803 login

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