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Cisco CCIE Prep v1.0—Module 8-29

R4 setup as route-reflector with client R5

Update does not reach R6

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Cisco CCIE Prep v1.0—Module 8-29

When you configure a route reflector client, you must also remember that the route reflector server will send updates to its clients as well as non-clients. Non-clients are iBGP peers without a specific route-reflector-client configuration statement. To understand this concept, take a look at a more complex example. Here R3, R4, R5, R6, and R7 are part of AS100. First, configure R4 as a route reflector with R5 as its client.

The example shows what happens when R2 sends an update for network to R3. R3 will receive its update and send an update to its iBGP neighbors. In this case, R3 only has one neighbor (R4). R4 receives the update and because it is configured as a route reflector server, sends its update to R5, the client. R4 will also send the update to its non-clients, which in this case is R7. So with R4 configured as a route reflector server, R5 and R7 will receive the update to network

But, there is a problem. R5 will not send the update it receives to R6, and what happens when R1 sends its update to R6 for network

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