PPP Callback Additional Commands


Rl(config-if)# dialer enable-timeout 5

Modifies the amount of time a callback server waits to call back a client

R4(config-if)# dialer hold-queue 50

Configures the number of interesting outgoing packets a client will queue while waiting for a callback from the server

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By default, the callback server will wait 15 seconds before it attempts to initiate a callback to the client. You can modify this timer with the dialer enable-timeout command. To set it to 5 seconds issue the command:

Rl(config-if)# dialer enable-timeout 5

During these few seconds, the packets being sent by the client will be dropped. You can have the client queue these packets until the link is established, then send them using the command below.

To allow interesting outgoing packets to be queued until a connection is established, use the dialer hold-queue command in interface configuration mode.

R4(config-if)# dialer hold-queue 50

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