Perform this configuration on the physical interface

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Cisco CCIE Prep v1.0—Module 2-18

A basic Frame Relay configuration assumes that you want to configure Frame Relay on the physical interface of the router. Perform the following steps to enable Frame Relay on a physical interface:

Table 2-1:




Step 1:

interface serial 0/0

Selects the interface and enters interface configuration mode.

Step 2:

ip address

Configures a network-layer address, for example, an IP address.

Step 3:

encapsulation frame-relay [cisco | ietf]

Selects the encapsulation type used to encapsulate data traffic end-to-end on the Permanent Virtual Connection (PVC), where cisco is the default. Use the default if you are connecting to another Cisco router. Select ietf if you are connecting to a non-Cisco router.

Step 4:

frame-relay lmi-type {ansi | cisco | q933i}

If using Cisco IOS Release 11.1 or earlier, specify the LMI type used by the Frame Relay switch, where cisco is the default. With Internetwork Operating System (IOS) Release 11.2 or later, the LMI type is autosensed and no configuration is needed.

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