Lesson Assessment

1. ATM networks is closely related to which network type?

Ql) Synchronous Q2) Asynchronous Q3) Dedicated Q4)None of the above

2. Which of the following steps are REQUIRED to configure an ATM connection? (choose two)

Q1)Create a PVC

Q2)Map a protocol address to a PVC Q3)Configure the AAL and encapsulation type Q4)Configure PVC traffic parameters

3. Configuring ILMI on an ATM connection allows it to discover which type of address?

Ql) Network layer Q2) VPI/VCI Q3) DLCI Q4) Session layer

4. Which AAL encapsulation type would you use if you would like to run multiple protocols over a single ATM VC?

Ql) Aal5snap

Q2) Aal5mux

Q3) Aa5encap

Q4)None of the above

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