Configures interface as an OSPF demand circuit

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To create an OSPF demand circuit, only one side of the connection is required to have the ip ospf demand-circuit command under its interface. If the other side of the link is capable of understanding the DC bit, it automatically negotiates the demand circuit capability in the hello packets sent between the neighbors.

Table 6-24: < ip ospf demand-circuit > Command



ip ospf demand-circuit

Configures the interface to run as a demand circuit

After the first dead time interval (40 seconds by default on point-to-point links) the operation of the demand circuit can be verified with the show ip ospf neighbor command. If the demand circuit is functioning properly, you will not see a dead time being tracked for the neighbor on the other side of the demand circuit.

Rl# show ip ospf neighbor

Address Interface BRIO/O SerialO/O

Dead Time


Note You can use the ¡p ospf demand-circuit command on any OSPF network type, however hellos are only suppressed on point-to-point or point-to-multipoint network types.

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