Basic Configuration

Basic configuration of ISDN involves setting up DDR on the physical interfaces on both sides of the ISDN connection.

Basic ISDN Configuration




Al .2V

R4(config)# isdn switch-type basic-5ess R4(config)# dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit R4(config)# interface bri 0/0

R4(config-if)# ip address 2 R4(config-if)# dialer-group 1 R4(config-if)# dialer-string 8140010

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Shown here is the most basic ISDN configuration; it has limited capabilities, uses bandwidth poorly, and does not scale well. High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) will be used as the encapsulation because an encapsulation type has not been specified. Therefore, both B channels will be used in each direction: one channel for sending data and the other for receiving data, which means that dialer strings are required on both sides of the link.

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