SNMP Components

SNMP has three network-managed components:

■ The managed device

■ The agent that resides on the managed device

■ The network management system (NMS)

Figure 16-1 shows the relationship of these components. Figure 16-1 SNMP Components

Network Management System



Managed Device

Managed Device

A managed device is a router or LAN switch or any other device that contains an SNMP agent. These devices collect and store management information and make this information available to the NMS. SNMP community strings (passwords) are configured on routers and switches to allow for SNMP management.

The agent is the network management software that resides in the managed device. The agent gathers the information and puts it in SNMP format. It responds to the manager's request for information and also generates traps.

The NMS has applications that are used to monitor and configure managed devices. It is also known as the manager. The NMS provides the bulk of the processing resources used for network management.

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