Route Summarization

Large networks can grow very quickly from 500 routes to 1000, to 2000, and so on. Network IP addresses should be allocated to allow for route summarization. Route summarization reduces the amount of route traffic on the network and unnecessary route computation. Route summarization also allows the network to scale as a company grows.

The recommended location for route summarization is to summarize at the distribution layer of the network topology. Figure 12-10 shows a hierarchical network. It has a network core, regional distribution routers, and access routes for sites.

Figure 12-10 Route Summarization

Figure 12-10 Route Summarization

All routes in Brazil are summarized with a single route. The North America and European routes are also summarized with and, respectively. Routers in Europe only need to know the summarized route to get to Brazil and North America, and vice versa. Again, design best practices are to summarize at the distribution toward the core. The core only needs to know the summarized route of the regional areas.

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