Fault management, configuration management, accounting management, performance management, and security management.

Data link layer.

Notice level.



Device ID, IP address, capabilities, OS version, model number, port ID.

D. A trap message is sent by the agent when a significant event occurs.

A. The NMS manager uses the Get operation to retrieve the value-specific MIB variable from an agent.

9. B. The NMS manager uses the Set operation to set values of the object instance within an agent.

10. C. More than 500 syslog facilities can be configured on Cisco IOS.

11. B. At the authNoPriv level, authentication is provided, but not encryption.

12. B. CBC-DES is the encryption algorithm used by SNMPv3.

13. C and D. Both CDP and NetFlow can be used to discover and document a network.

15. D. RMON2 provides monitoring information from the network to the application layers.

18. A. The authPriv level provides authentication and encryption.

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