OSPFv2 Summary

Memorize the characteristics of OSPFv2, as listed here:

■ Link-state routing protocol.

■ Classless protocol (supports VLSMs and CIDR).

■ Metric is cost (based on interface bandwidth by default).

■ Fast convergence. Uses link-state updates and SPF calculation.

■ Reduced bandwidth use. Sends partial route updates only when changes occur.

■ Routes are labeled as intra-area, interarea, external Type 1, or external Type 2.

■ Support for authentication.

■ Uses the Dijkstra algorithm to calculate the SPF tree.

■ Default administrative distance is 110.

■ Uses multicast address (ALLSPFRouters).

■ Uses multicast address (ALLDRouters).

■ Very good scalability. Recommended for large networks.

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