Implementing Security in the Campus

Security for the campus begins with remembering that you need to implement security throughout your network. Several technologies, protocols, solutions, and devices work together to provide the secure campus. Network security should be implemented in the core, distribution, and access layers and can be grouped into four broad categories:

■ Identity and access control—802.1X, NAC, ACLs, and firewalls

■ Threat detection and mitigation—NetFlow, Syslog, SNMP, RMON, CS-MARS, NIPS, and HIPS

■ Infrastructure protection—AAA, TACACS, RADIUS, SSH, SNMP v3, IGP/EGP MD5, and Layer 2 security features

Figure 14-7 illustrates the use of Enterprise Campus Security and shows where security technologies, protocols, and mechanisms can be deployed in the enterprise campus.

Figure 14-7 Enterprise Campus Security

Figure 14-7 Enterprise Campus Security

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