Software Feature Packs

These are best when a customer needs the following:

• IP, IPX, and AppleTalk for the desktop (Desktop Feature Pack)

• The broadest set of routing features (Enterprise Feature Pack)

• NAT, RMON, and Virtual Private Dialup Network, Multichassis

• MMP, V.120, and modem management features (All Plus Feature Packs)

Cisco Internet Security and Scalability Overview

In providing Internet connectivity, a company faces the challenge of keeping pace with the demands and costs of integrating multiple systems and tools from different vendors. This complexity is increasing continuously with the rapid growth in new technology and products, prompting small and medium-sized businesses to seek highly integrated end-to-end solutions.

Cisco Internet security and scalability products enhance Internet productivity and reduce costs. Cisco products address issues such as network and data security, difficult access and slow performance, migration of legacy networks, scalable network administration, and support for emerging applications.

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