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1 Your design included multiple VLANS with similar configurations and services. The customer requested confirmation that the design is fully functional. What type of testing program would you recommend, and why?

The design represents a complex network, with multiple services that must be demonstrated. A VLAN is a subset of that network that includes the multiple services that would exist on the other networks. Therefore, creating a prototype of one VLAN would be a sufficient demonstration of the functionality of the design.

2 What type of testing would require more resources, including higher costs and more complexity?

The prototype testing

3 What stage of the prototype testing requires that you showcase the strength of Cisco's products and the areas in which the competitor's products are not as strong?

Step 4: Develop a Test Plan

4 When determining the customer's requirements for prototype testing, what are the four areas that should be included when making the determination?

Performance, security, capacity, and scalability

5 What tool can you use during testing to provide detailed information on the protocols and traffic on the network?

A sniffer

6 During the practice of the pilot script, you realize that your protocol analyzer is showing that unwanted traffic is passing from an unsecured segment to your internal network. What IOS command would you use on the router to begin troubleshooting this problem?

If the router was configured to prevent unwanted traffic from entering a network, then the show access-list command should be used to review the access lists on the router.

7 After scripting the demonstration for the client, what is the next step in the pilot testing program that would need to be implemented to ensure a smooth presentation?

Step 4: Practice

8 If the client wanted a demonstration of the connectivity between segments and routing information, which IOS commands would you use during the testing?

The show protocol route and the ping and trace commands

9 If you are using an access list and wanted to test the security, what product could you use to demonstrate its effectiveness?

A protocol analyzer

10 How would you demonstrate your findings to your customer during the prototype testing?

You would meet with the customer and reproduce the test results as the customer watches.

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