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1 What session layer protocol is common in Windows NT environments when layered over TCP it can be routed?


2 You can find WWW and FTP servers in what network that the Internet community can access?

Isolation LAN

3 What is a method to reduce Novell SAP broadcast traffic on the network? Use Enhanced IGRP, SAP filters, and NLSP.

4 HTTP is an example of what type of traffic flow? Client/server

5 What access list would you use on an outside filtering router to permit access to the isolation LAN? Assume the isolation LAN is

access-list 101 ip permit

6 What Token Ring field consists of route descriptors? Routing information field (RIF)

7 What should you use to overcome the limitations of SRB in large networks? Data-link switching over an IP network.

8 The Cisco PIX Firewall may be used to do what?

Perform Network Address Translation. Protect the internal network. Provide additional security.

9 What service is used to resolve NetBIOS names to IP addresses? WINS

10 What access list would you use on an internal filtering router to permit traffic between the isolation LAN and the internal network? Assume the isolation LAN is

access-list 101 ip permit any

11 What technique is used to reduce the amount of repetitive unicast traffic? Multicast routing

12 What type of traffic flow is how small-bandwidth keyboard character streams are sent to the host?


13 What is a logical grouping of nodes in AppleTalk to control broadcasts? AppleTalk zone

14 What are examples of client/server traffic flow applications?

Windows NT networking, Novell, HTTP, and AppleShare are all examples of client/server traffic flow.

15 With this technology a user may connect a laptop to the network and automatically have an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server, and WINS server assigned.


16 DHCP stands for what?

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

17 What are route descriptors?

Route descriptors are bridge ring number fields in a routing information field; they are used to set the path that a frame should take on a source-route bridged network.

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