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1 After adding the new print server to the network, you see that the workstations are experiencing performance issues. What is a likely cause of this problem?

The print server could be advertising its services, thereby sending a lot of broadcast traffic.

2 What tool could you use to verify your answer to question #1?

Use a protocol analyzer on that segment, and see what type of traffic is generated and by what device.

3 The customer wants to determine the maximum number of multimedia workstations that should populate a segment. What information do you need to request to find out an approximate number?

You need to determine the type of LAN protocol used—IP, IPX, AppleTalk, NetBIOS, or mixed.

4 Which network devices are used in creating separate segments to decrease workstation broadcasts?

Routers and switches that have VLAN capability

5 During the planning stage, the customer wants a 30 percent improvement on the response his users get from the database. During which phase of extracting the new customer requirements would you address this information?

The customer has provided a requirement for the new network. During step 6, identify performance requirements, you would note this type of information.

6 The customer is concerned about the Token Ring traffic on his network and wants to prove that the Token Ring network must be upgraded. What is your recommendation based on finding out that the Token Ring segment has more than 60 percent utilization?

The threshold for a Token Ring network is that each segment does not exceed 70 percent. Therefore, you should recommend segmentation of the network.

7 Which Cisco IOS command would you use to determine if there were any output queue drops?

show interface

8 When helping to determine the network's health, would having 25 percent of multicasts on one segment be considered healthy?

This is unhealthy. It is recommended that none of the segments exceed 20 percent broadcasts/multicasts.

9 What is the saturation threshold for WAN links? No more than 70 percent utilization

10 What tool would you use to help monitor the switching traffic? NetFlow

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