Objectives Covered in This Chapter

The following is a list of the objectives covered in this chapter. The list of all the CCDA

exam objectives and the chapters in which they are covered can be found in the Introduction of this book.

21 Propose an addressing model for the customer's areas, networks, subnetworks, and end stations that meets scalability requirements.

22 Propose a plan for configuring addresses.

23 Propose a naming scheme for servers, routers, and user stations.

24 Identify scalability constraints and issues for IGRP, Enhanced IGRP, IP RIP, IPX RIP/SAP, NLSP, AppleTalk RTMP and AURP, static routing, and bridging protocols.

25 Recommend routing and bridging protocols that meet a customer's requirements for performance, security, and capacity.

26 Recognize scalability issues for various Cisco IOS software features such as access lists, proxy services, encryption, compression, and queuing.

27 Recommend Cisco IOS software features that meet a customer's requirements for performance, security, capacity, and scalability.

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