Mail Application Flow

The CCDA objectives covered in this section are as follows:

8 Determine the customer's requirements for new applications, protocols, number of users, peak usage hours, security, and network management.

9 Diagram the flow of information for new applications.

12 Predict the amount of traffic and the type of traffic caused by the applications, given charts that characterize typical network traffic.

Messaging application servers are usually deployed throughout the enterprise, based on the number of users and geographical distances. Usually, a hierarchy is used to deploy mail servers. E-mail traffic will follow the hierarchy and will be bidirectional. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) gateway will reside at some point near the top of the hierarchy, providing transport to Internet messaging. Figure 3-14 shows an example of e-mail traffic flow.

Figure 3-14 E-Mail Traffic Flow

Figure 3-14 E-Mail Traffic Flow

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