Firewall Functionality

A critical part of an overall security solution is a network firewall, which monitors traffic crossing network perimeters and imposes restrictions according to security policy. The Cisco firewall family offers a comprehensive range of security features, meeting requirements for perimeter policy enforcement, extending to more complex virtual private networks, content filtering, and denial of service detection and prevention. When deployed in combination, Cisco firewall products let network managers realize even more powerful security architectures by implementing a layered security strategy. No other vendor offers this kind of flexibility in its security solutions:

• The Centri Firewall provides a strong security solution that is tightly integrated with Windows NT and that is easy to setup and administer.

• The PIX Firewall delivers enterprise-class firewall functionality as an integrated hardware and software solution. This dedicated appliance provides the broadest range of firewall features with unsurpassed performance.

• The Cisco IOS Firewall feature set provides rich application support that complements the full routing and WAN access capabilities offered by Cisco IOS software. This optional feature set affords seamless integration with existing Cisco IOS software-based environments and strengthens the Cisco end-to-end security offering by providing access list policy enforcement within the network infrastructure.

• Cisco 1605-R and 2514 access routers and Cisco 3600 series modular dialup access servers feature a dual-LAN architecture, which is ideal to serve as a firewall.

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