Do I Know This Already Quiz Answers

1 In which bridging environment does the frame contain the routing information to the destination?

Source-route bridging (SRB). SRB frames contain a routing information field (RIF) that has routing descriptors to the destination.

2 Which scheme provides a way to automatically assign IP addresses to devices on the network?

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). With DHCP, clients are assigned an IP address, a subnet mask, and a default gateway by a DHCP server.

3 Which session layer protocol is very common in Windows NT environments and can be bridged or routed over IP?


4 With which Novell protocol do devices broadcast services to the segment, routers build a table and forward these broadcasts to all other segments, and clients use the information to know what services are available in the network?

Service Advertising Protocol (SAP)

5 In what protocol environment do client devices automatically select a network layer address and broadcast a probe to ensure that it is unique?


6 What are route descriptors?

Route descriptors are bridge/ring number fields in a routing information field. They are used to set the path that a frame should take on a source-route bridged network.

7 With what technology can you scale SRB networks over WAN links and reduce NetBIOS queries where TCP is used between peers?

Data-link switching (DLSw). DLSw is used to establish a TCP link between remote routers to transport System Network Architecture (SNA) and NetBIOS traffic.

8 What is the most scalable protocol used for file and print sharing in Windows NT networking?

NetBIOS over TCP/IP is more scalable than NetBIOS over NetBUEI.

9 What methods are used to assign an IP address to a workstation at bootup? DHCP and BOOTP

10 What are the three components of a typical firewall system?

The three components of a typical firewall system are an outside filtering router, an isolation LAN with bastion hosts, and an inside filtering router.

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