Cisco Firewall Solution Summarization

Table E-17 summarizes the uses and specifications of the various Cisco firewall solutions covered in this section.

Table E-17

Firewall Solutions

Platform Type


Product Name Product Description

Software; NT operating system

Up to T1

Cisco Centri High-performance, flexible

Firewall Windows NT-based security software with intuitive user-based policy rules; easy to install, configure, and manage.

Software; network infrastructure integrated

Up to T1

Cisco IOS Firewall feature set

Advanced, rich security option for Cisco IOS software, with full routing and WAN access capabilities; integrates seamlessly with existing Cisco IOS software-based environments.

Dedicated appliance

Up to multiple T3 Cisco PIX Firewall

Highest performance, enterprise-class, scalable, dedicated security appliance with most advanced features and application support.

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