Cisco 1516M Customers

The Cisco 1516M is best when a customer needs the following:

• An economical solution for creating a LAN

• Cisco IOS technologies for seamless integration with other Cisco switches and routers

• Capability to create a manageable collision domain supporting up to 58 users and devices

Cisco Ease of Use and Network Management Overview

Ease of use and network management are important to small- and medium-sized companies and SOHO customers because these businesses are not highly technical or because occasional or infrequent users might be put off by the complexities of networking.

Many of the router solutions on the market today for small- to medium-sized businesses have installation instructions requiring a high level of network understanding. All the cables look alike, and configuring the router requires use of non-user-friendly command-line interfaces. Cisco has developed two Windows NT/95 wizard-based tools to specifically address configuring and installing routers designed for small companies and SOHO users.

Network management is also of growing concern because of the increasing number of difficulties and high expense that arise due to seemingly uncontrollable problems. Network managers are faced with many problems regarding creating and maintaining their LAN and WAN environments, including lack of network management expertise; decreasing management resources; unintegrated, dissimilar management tools; and the increased cost of network downtime. CiscoWorks Windows offers network managers a comprehensive management solution based on a common, integrated set of PC (Windows-based) applications that assists network managers in conducting their daily business while providing Cisco device- and task-specific expertise.

Cisco ISDN Support Service adds a single point of contact to assist users with setting up an ISDN connection to Cisco 700, 1003, 1004, 1600, 2503, 2524, 2525, 3600, and 4000 series routers and Cisco AS5x00 series servers.

Cisco IOS software provides an array of network management capabilities designed to meet the needs of today's distributed networks.

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