Network Topologies and LAN Design Do I Know This Already Quiz Answers

1 What OSI layer does a bridge operate? Data link layer (Layer 2)

2 The 10Base2 Ethernet media is commonly referred as? Thinnet

3 What is the recommended maximum number of nodes that should be used in a multiprotocol LAN segment?

200 nodes

4 Bridges control collision domains, broadcast domains, or both? Collision domains

5 What is the maximum segment size in a 100BaseT network? 100 meters

6 What is the maximum segment size in a 10Base2 network? 185 meters

7 Routers operate on what OSI layer? Network layer (Layer 3)

8 Fast Ethernet is covered by which IEEE standard? IEEE 802.3u

9 What is 10Base5 commonly referred to as? Thicknet

10 What device controls a broadcast domain? Router

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