Centri Firewall

The Cisco Centri Firewall provides smal-l to medium-sized businesses a strong security solution that is tightly integrated with Windows NT and that is easy to set up and administer. Centri innovative ease-of-use features make it possible to have expert-level security without the expense of onsite security experts. The powerful combination of the Centri Firewall Natural Network Viewer and Policy Builder features make securing a network truly simple for the first time. Security policies can be applied to users and groups in a Windows NT domain.

Centri also comes with preconfigured support for popular network applications and services. In addition to these out-of-box services, Centri helps you to safely and easily customize support for any network application or service.

The Centri Firewall can allow other network services, such as Web, e-mail, and DNS servers, to reside securely on the same Windows NT system. This setup allows companies to maximize existing resources and to reduce the cost of securely connecting to the Internet.

The Centri Firewall is part of the Cisco Networked Office Stack, a flexible suite of compatible products that provides secure access to the Internet and that links users and offices so that employees can easily share resources such as information, documents, and printers.

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