Catalyst 3000 Series Stackable Switches

The Catalyst 3100 switch is designed for networks that require flexibility and growth with minimal initial investment. This switch contains 24 fixed 10BaseT Ethernet ports, one StackPort slot for scalability, and one expansion FlexSlot for broad media support. It is designed for a variety of campus LAN and enterprise WAN solutions; the Catalyst 3100 switch fits well in a wiring closet and branch office applications.

The Catalyst 3200 is a high port density stackable switch chassis with a modular Catalyst 3000 architecture supervisor engine and seven additional media expansion module slots. The expansion slots are backward compatible with all existing Catalyst 3000 media expansion modules. The seventh slot, called FlexSlot, is an expansion slot that accepts either a standard

Catalyst 3000 expansion module or new doublewide expansion modules providing forward and backward investment protection.

The 3011 WAN access module for the Catalyst 3200 and Catalyst 3100 provides WAN interconnect integrated with the switch backplane. The 3011 WAN access module was the first FlexSlot module to be introduced. Based on the Cisco 2503 router, the 3011 provides two highspeed serial ports, an ISDN BRI port, and an auxiliary (AUX) port.

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