Case Study 4 Answers Martin and Martin LLC

1 Draw the corporate structure of this client.

Figure 9-7 explains the corporate structure of Martin & Martin, LLC. The diagram shows that there are two main divisions, which are the corporate functions and the legal departments. The chart reflects only information that is specifically stated.

2 What type of testing program would you recommend to test the video conferencing among the remote offices?

A prototype would be the recommended form of testing because, for the video conferencing to work, there needs to be well-tested connectivity among the offices.

3 What network management tool would you recommend Martin & Martin purchase to support its new network?

Recommend CiscoWorks for Windows. CiscoWorks is an SNMP-based tool that can provide the monitoring of devices. Martin & Martin will be opening new offices, which need to be managed remotely. The case study specifies that the remote offices will have limited IT support. Therefore, CiscoWorks' remote management and configuration capability will be useful. Also, CiscoWorks' statistical information will be useful data for comparison with the baseline.

4 What type of naming structure would you give to servers and endnodes in this network?

The server naming convention should be based on the departments that use those servers. The workstations should also be named for those departments. For example, a printer in the Research department could be named RSC_Ptr0001.

5 The client wants to see the effect of data encryption on the router's performance during the prototype stage in which you establish connectivity among the remote offices. How would you demonstrate this effect?

You can use the show processes command and monitor the CPU utilization.

6 Describe why Mr. Jones' existing network does not provide adequate security for the data in each department.

The network is segmented by floors, which means that people in the Accounting and Finance department share the network with those in Human Resources. If each of these departments wants security, the traffic needs to be separated.

Figure 9-7 Corporate Structure for Martin & Martin, LLC

Figure 9-7 Corporate Structure for Martin & Martin, LLC

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