Case Study 3 Medi Bill Services

1 Characterize the traffic between the remote offices and MediBill.

2 What type of router would you recommend for Internet access to MediBill?

3 If the Internet access router were to be upgraded to support two T1s using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), what would be the best choice?

4 What type of router would you recommend for the hospital?

5 What type of WAN topology is the hospital's connection to MediBill?

Case Study #3: MediBill Services, Inc. 193

6 If Mr. Lee wanted to implement Frame Relay connections to the six remote offices with the current bandwidth, what would be the CIR for each office?

7 Mr. Lee has determined that MediBill will need a CIR of 1.544 Mbps. If all the remote offices need to communicate with MediBill corporate offices, would Mr. Lee's calculation cause a bottleneck?

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