Case Study 2 Pages Magazine

Ms. Phillips is the newly appointed Director of IT at Pages Magazine, Inc. Pages Magazine realizes that to aggressively compete in its market, this company needs changes to its infrastructure that will support new applications and Internet access, allowing them to increase their productivity and to follow market trends. Pages wants to use the Internet to gain clients and find new opportunities. Ms. Phillips is faced with many options but needs your help in developing a solution that is both cost-effective and scalable. She needs to make sure that the solution will address her immediate needs and also be scalable enough to support future applications.

Pages Magazine, Inc., is a conglomerate of four periodicals. Pages Magazine is expecting at least two periodical acquisitions per year for the next three years. Each magazine acts independently and has a mix of both small and medium-sized offices throughout the continental United States. Each magazine has various access methods back to the corporate headquarters located in New York City. Table 1-1 summarizes the current layout of the Pages Magazine, Inc., offices as they are presented in Figure 1-6.

Table 1-1 Pages Magazine, Inc., Office Layout

Office Location


# of Nodes

Access Back to HQ

New York City, New York

Corporate headquarters


Newark, New Jersey

Fashion magazine


256 K leased line

White Plains, New York

Entertainment news magazine



Queens, New York

Fashion magazine


256 K leased line

Danbury, Connecticut

Home improvement magazine


128 K ISDN

Figure 1-6 Pages Magazine, Inc., Logical Diagram

Figure 1-6 Pages Magazine, Inc., Logical Diagram



Case Study #3: MediBill Services, Inc. 25

These leased lines have provided enough bandwidth to support basic e-mail and file transfer services. Each office has its own Novell servers that are currently managed independently, running on a flat 10BaseT Ethernet environment. A T1 will be installed at the NYC office to provide Internet access to the remote offices. Internet access and e-mail are the first critical applications that need to be addressed. Currently, the offices use CC:mail as their e-mail platform.

Pages Magazine has not standardized on MS Office applications and currently uses a mix of Apple and Microsoft application products. All the routers route IPX, AppleTalk, and IP; however, Pages Magazine wants to migrate to a purely IP environment with Novell GroupWise as the e-mail platform. Each office will have a GroupWise server that needs to be synchronized with the NYC office for Internet e-mail. After the two new offices go online, every office will slowly migrate to Netware 5, using native IP for transport. Until then, AppleTalk still needs to be supported as a routed protocol. The new Novell servers will also have a synchronized NDS directory structure that will manage the user access and login process.

Network manageability has been difficult since different vendor products are being used to provide WAN access. Ms. Phillips is looking for a single vendor solution that can be managed more effectively with her limited staff.

The additional offices for the new network are another concern, and she is looking to implement a network management solution that will support her staff. She has three remote IT support people in addition to three NYC-based people. One support person is located in Danbury and the other is in White Plains. The third supports Queens. Most of her staff have desktop and moderate networking skills.

The network used RIPvl, but Ms. Phillips plans to use DHCP to readdress her network so that she can conserve the valid IP address and to create a more scalable IP addressing scheme. Pages Magazine, Inc., will require a new routing protocol that will support subnetting and possible VLSM. Ms. Phillips is also interested in finding a more cost-effective WAN solution that will support the additional two offices that will go online within two months.

Ms. Phillips must present an infrastructure upgrade and Internet access plan to the CEO and CFO in three weeks. The presentation will include a network design to show how the network will scale to support new offices and to address any return on investment issues.

Look for questions on the Pages Magazine, Inc., case study at the end of some of the book's chapters.

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