Case Study 2 Big Oil and

Mr. Abbott is an IT manager at Big Oil and Gas. He is in charge of the network infrastructure, including routers and switches. Mr. Abbott's group includes personnel that can install and configure Cisco routers and switches. Another group manages the servers. The company currently has a Unix server with HP OpenView.

Big Oil and Gas is a medium-sized petrochemical company based in Houston. It also has operations in the Gulf and in South America.

The network includes more than 30 routers. Mr. Abbott hands you the diagram displayed in Figure 9-1, which describes the topology of the network. Although the average utilization is around 50 percent, some WAN segments are experiencing utilization peaks of 72 percent. All LAN segments are under 20 percent utilization.

Unix servers run SAP business applications, and Novell servers are used for office suite applications. IPX is routed throughout the network.

Mr. Abbott would like a solution to reduce the IPX SAP traffic on the WAN. He also would like a network management solution to better manage the router configurations.

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