Case Study 2 Answers Big Oil and

1 What possible solutions can be used to reduce SAP traffic over the WAN? Possible solutions include the following:

— Access lists could be used to control the broadcasted SAPs.

— Enhanced IGRP could be used to route IPX over the WAN.

2 If the remote locations need to see only four corporate file servers, what type of filter can be used?

An IPX SAP filter (range 1000 to 1099) should be used on outbound WAN links to permit the list of servers.

3 What network management application would you recommend for router configuration tracking and hardware inventory management?

CiscoWorks can be used to track router configurations and inventory. CiscoWorks also can be used to make changes to routers and for viewing logs.

4 Are there any protocols that cannot be routed on this network? Big Oil and Gas uses IP and IPX; both are routable protocols.

5 What does the diagram in Figure 9-2 describe? It describes the flow of SAP broadcasts.

6 Do you see any utilization problems with the LAN segments?

No. The Ethernet segments are still under the recommended maximum utilization.

7 Are there any Cisco IOS features that can help prioritize the business SAP traffic on the WAN links?

Custom queuing can be configured to give priority to packets with a destination address of the SAP servers.

8 What does the diagram in Figure 9-3 describe? This figure describes HTTP traffic to the Internet.

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