How to Use This Book to Prepare for the IINS Exam

Using this book to prepare for the IINS exam is pretty straightforward—read each chapter in succession, and follow the study suggestions in Chapter 16, "Final Preparation."

For the core chapters of this book (Chapters 1 through 15), you do have some choices about how much of the chapter you read. In some cases, you may already know most or all of the information covered in a given chapter. To help you decide how much time to spend on each chapter, the chapters begin with a "Do I Know This Already?" quiz. If you get all the quiz questions correct, or you miss just one question, you may want to skip to the end of the chapter and the "Exam Preparation Tasks" section, and do those activities. Figure I-1 shows the overall plan.

Figure I-1 How to Approach Each Chapter of This Book

When you have completed Chapters 1 through 15, you can use Chapter 16 for exam preparation guidance. That chapter includes the following suggestions:

■ Check for the latest copy of Appendix C, which may include additional topics for study.

■ Repeat the tasks in all the chapters' "Exam Preparation Tasks" chapter-ending section.

■ Review all DIKTA questions using the exam engine.

■ Practice for the exam using the exam engine.

This book is broken into parts and chapters that address the key areas of the IINS exam. Each chapter begins with a series of "Do I Know This Already?" questions. You should work through these to get a sense of your current knowledge of the subject matter being discussed. Each chapter contains memory tables that you should work through. At the end of each chapter is a list of all the key topics, as well as terms central to the topic. It is a good idea to focus on these key topic areas and to be familiar with all the terms listed in each chapter. After you have completed this book, you may further prepare for the exam and test your knowledge by working through the practice exam on the CD. Tracking your score on the practice exam and noting areas of weakness will allow you to review these areas in the text to further solidify your knowledge before the actual IINS exam.

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