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Cisco might occasionally make changes that affect the CCNA Security certification. You should always check for the latest details.

IINS exam topics covered in this part:

■ Describe and mitigate the common threats to the physical installation

■ Describe and list mitigation methods for common network attacks

■ Describe the main activities in each phase of a secure network lifecycle

■ Explain how to meet the security needs of a typical enterprise with a comprehensive security policy

■ Describe the Cisco Self Defending Network architecture

■ Describe the Cisco security family of products and their interactions

■ Secure Cisco routers using the SDM Security Audit feature

■ Use the One-Step Lockdown feature in SDM to secure a Cisco router

■ Secure administrative access to Cisco routers by setting strong encrypted passwords, exec timeout, login failure rate and using IOS login enhancements

■ Secure administrative access to Cisco routers by configuring multiple privilege levels

■ Secure administrative access to Cisco routers by configuring role-based CLI

■ Secure the Cisco IOS image and configuration file

■ Explain the functions and importance of AAA

■ Describe the features of TACACS+ and RADIUS AAA protocols

■ Configure AAA authentication

■ Configure AAA authorization

■ Configure AAA accounting

■ Describe the factors to be considered when planning for secure management and reporting of network devices

■ Use CLI and SDM to configure SSH on Cisco routers to enable secured management access

■ Use CLI and SDM to configure Cisco routers to send Syslog messages to a Syslog server

■ Describe SNMPv3 and NTPv3

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